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As a member of Monument Builders of North America, you can be assured that our business is ethical, honest and dedicated to this industry and art.  We strive to provide you a memorial that will tell the story of your loved one's life.  As part of our membership through MBNA, we have signed The Code of Good Practice, that promotes fair and honest business practices, with its primary goal to serve and protect the consumer. 

MD stands for Medical Doctor, CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant.  Both of these titles signify that they have met certain standards, taken rigorous tests, and have fulfilled the requirements enabling them to receive the title and wear it proudly.  Just like organizations as these, MBNA utilizes professional certification to set apart individuals due to their dedication, chosen career and their ability to meet these standards, by presenting them as Certified Memorialist® This elite group consists of a limited number of memorislists who have successfully completed a four-hour examination that extensively covers the history, technology and techniques of the monument trade, and have accumulated a number of points by participating in a broad-range of industry activities. 

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What to Do in the Event of a Death?

Please immediately notify the deceased's primary care physician as soon as the death occurs.

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